Starting slowly and gently

How come that I all of a sudden feel that skating is fun. Well when I was younger I was so into running and more allround exercise like the “Swedercise” or jympa where you get yourself really sweaty together with other people. It was very good exercise that was so fun. Music and hard training. But I have been there and done that. I need a new challenge. To be honest I cannot partake in the more heavy and fun activities anymore. It becomes a little bit dull to start allover again.
And then I can join the skater…makes it so much easier to come around to actually do some training.
I do still run. Still what I enjoy the most.
The perfect way to start slowly and gently is down a very slight slope. fryskarisv
My first aim is to surf down this ditch.


My cruiser

Well after my slam I got a bit set back. But I’m not one to give up. And since it was the kick that was to long or something, maybe there’s some other kind of skateboard that’s better built! On a webstore I saw this goodlooking, cool cruiser from Globe Skateboards. A complete cruiser with nice wheels and everything. This ones going to be much easier to skate!IMG_20130613_205527

And it actually is not only looking good it feels good to skate!

This is fun

DSC_0229-001 - KopiaIt all started with this longboard.It seemed easy to roll down the street on a longboard so I got myself a beautiful longboard. Without protective gear. Just because no one use that stuff when you intend to push yourself down the street. Well putting your backfoot on the kick by accident is not good. After that experience I was not so keen to try again. But I did. And this time I found myself an easier deck to conquer.