My aim is…

The weekend was just truly fantastic. No rain and sunny, even warm…for a november weekend. So I keep on trying to achieve my goal. And that is to carve down the ditch kind of fast and  up over the line on the concrete walls. ditch2
Skated twice this weekend and even though it was a little bit wet I managed not to hurt myself.
Today the weather was as expected above the 59° even if it still is warmer than usual. It was grey, dark, windy. So I hoped to see the park serene and empty. And it almost was. Just one more soul having nothing better to do on a Monday lunch.

I tried the ditch but it was too wet today. Had to wait for the other guy to leave so I could inherit his spot. I am still not able to go back and forth in the bottom trying to push my self up. So I want to be on my own. I can´t drop in and I am scared of falling. Not fun to practice like three turns in slow motion with an audience!  He left at last and I had fun doing my three turns slowly and with great care. It is some kind of pleasing feeling to do something that is hard to learn  and something your so unused to. Bit by bit you learn. Satisfying and rewarding.


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