Still going nowhere

Winter, indoors, yellow-belly…
The ramp is slippery. I am so scared of falling so I am still wearing out the bottom plywood. But maybe my skatebuddy (ca 8 years) was right when he commented on my wheels. They are slow. Very slow. But then again might be exactly the way they´re supposed to be…for me. I will never be able to pick up any speed and so falling is not so imminent.
But out of my two boards I want to ride the cruiser. Outdoors in the ditch…boards



Indoor in coldstore

Still no snow but it is to wet to skate outdoors. So I was brave enough to hangout in the coldstore and use the desolate( well almost, one oldie and som kids doing the same as me) vert ramp on a uneventful Saturday evening. Bit disturbing that the rest of the hall was so crowded :). I am not particularly  fond of crowds. Prefer solitude ha ha. Well I was very cautious this time. The ramp is quite slippery and I am such a chicken. Still I managed to fall once and it is not pleasant. Not able to pick up speed to go back and forth in the bottom that many times, but I am getting there! Stubborn as hell.


But the concentration needed is just what I am looking for. Some meditative, physically challenging pursuit. The rehabilitation much needed!