All work and no skate…

Tomorrow I Will be back ar the hospital för X-rays. Still feeling quite a bit of pain in the arm and shoulder. Very black and blue. They were not nice to me at the E R.  And then the fall of course. Contusion from that as well. Weather is good again so I am the only one not skating. Hm


These foolish things


This is what I wanted to do! Practice my precious bumps. In my normal cowardly way. But spring is in the air so the park is crowded.
I should have followed my introvert instinct and just sat myself  on my new board watching others. The feel was totally wrong. Not a good one.


After a stupid, stupid run in my badluckBowl I wound up in the emergency room! Hurting like hell. Dislocated  shoulder. Six hours of all kinds of painkillers and terribly hurtful treatments before I was released. Groggy and unhappy. Still immobalised and a onearmed bandit. Hard to write, eat, dress….

Music within

Realise that everytime I write a post the posttitle somehow allude to a song that gets in my head! Songs that pop up and reflects my mood. I like that. The photos too. Sums up that day! Brings back memories…right now I am listening to yesterdays “not dark yet”. In my head it was a mix of Dylan´s and Moffat´s version. Both so beautiful!
Turn, turn, turn…was Byrds´ of course. Will go through my posst and recap…Seems I very often am in a melancholic mood. Will make myself a  playslist.