Painful exercise

Been to the physiotherapist again.  She is being quite brutal!  But it is the way to go.  Now the only I have to do is making my arm getting back its strength and full mobility again.
This is what I do in the meantime.




Getting better

Been to the Orthopedist yesterday. No worry. It’s getting better. Now I have to start exercising my mobility and muscles! I am seriously getting bored and restless. Can’t wait to start running and well skating. There is no reason why I shouldn’t, doctor says!

All that pain

Got to keep still for some more time. Sunny outside and I would very much be out trying to roll a bit. But I take walks and practice some exercises that the physiotherapist showed me. Well I will be back. Pity nevertheless…

Maybe I will start allover with my very best cruiser. I like that board the most.

X Ray showed some  fractures on the shoulders. Shoulder pads might be a good idea.

Why I don´t give up?  Like the challenge and it is some kind of mental diversion…