A little bit of everything

Today we were on our own. Very good. I could try a little bit of all sorts of stuff. The mini,  cruise, turns…
Fun Friday!
The mini is not my favorite ramp.  Hard for me.  The indoor mini is probably better but can’t be indoors in the summertime.




Realized what was the matter, some virus. Can’t skate, can’t run. Taking some days off. Hopefully things will feel better next time. Still working on getting flow and speed. This is really a longterm project. The injury was a bad bad drawback!


I  so want to skate and get a little better. Maybe swirl or what ever it’s called.

Sunny Sunday evening skate

I would very much like to pass my set up shamelevel! Then I could skate even when the mini is crowded. Which it is pretty much always. I wait and surf every newspaper there is until we’re alone. Much waiting, little skating!
Well I do realize that pushing in the bottom to get going would be much easier if I was more tougher, starting with more speed and higher up.  That injury wasn’t that great. Now I am overly cautious! This might take some time to forget. Well I am stubborn as hell so I someday will come. Right now I am stuck getting nowhere.IMG_20140609_104616

This is a small tornado by the way.

Waiting for the ramp

Today the mini is crowded! What a disappointing evening. Bit rainy, cold, crowded…Waiting, sitting, watching.

My turn maybe soon. Or not.


I like to concentrate and focus. That is much needed when you try to get speed in the bottom of the mini. It is almost like some kind of meditation.

We are going to build a mini of our own tough it seems like our mini will be much steeper. Hm will be even harder then I suppose 😦