Back in the Ditch

Summer in the city and the air is still . I am back in town for a couple of days. It is so hot that everyone else is out of town! Highvalley is almost empty so I try not to do what I used to, cruise the the ditch,  turn and not very much more! It is pretty depressing. I can’t do anything any more. Ditch, I used to get over the edge, now I am happy if I slowly  cruise from somewhere in the middle barely up on the banks. And the bumps…I don’t dare. But new quests.  Start agian with the easy stuff. Hopefully this time it will be a faster forward.




I am kind of pleased with myself. I have that feeling of flow in the mini! Really great feeling. Get tired very fast. This is good training for your legs and feet! The balancing is hard training for the small muscles in the feet. And for heart and lungs. Doesn’t take long before I have to rest. Maybe it is  partly due to the long awaited summerheat. Short sessions as often as possible. 


Today was great, great fun. I managed to roll back and forth in the mini! Had to give myself an extra push every now and then. But it was so, so fun and I felt so happy. It is much less boring when I can  vary what I do. Mini, cruise down the slope,  turn around while rolling, turn in the mini.


It gave me the urge back. Now it seems like I manage to do what I set out as my goals.  They aren’t that high.  😀

Run, skate, enjoy

Now I am getting better at manuals. I can´t balance for long but it is getting better. This is very good training for your calves and of course for your balance.

Been out running. This autumn we are going to run a half- marathon. So I better get back into shape.

Hopefully I will continue on this post tonight after a session somewhere. Did not happen.