Sunny, solo day. Off to Highvalley. Almost empty. Happy days. 


Been quite a while since I was in HV. I have to start halfway up in the ditch and take it very slow. But still it is fun in some way.
I don’t like pushing on flatland.  And I still am awfully bad at it. So since I am pretty alone in the park I practice this basic, basic stuff.
Then pushing in one of the pools. Much scarier in a concrete bowl than in a wooden one.  As I am very aware of. 
It is less training when you can’t pump properly.  I have changed my mind about what I like best. Now it is the mini wooden ramp!
Seems it is very trendy to start or restart skating in mature age. I am joining the crowd. 😀



The whole hall to ourselves. Perfect. I do know how to pump a little now. It is very good exercise. I am totally exhausted after a short time back and forth.
Got inspired by seeing guys that are better than me, but not a lot better. Might be some hope for me 🙂 Just keep on!



Pushing, pumping and carving

Might be a good description of my goals. Well and manuals, kickturns as well. My goals for the coming year. I wonder if this is within my capabilities. I am stubborn and very strong-minded and to my own amazement I found skating fun and fulfilling in a way I did not imagine I would. So, yes, I will master these basic things!

Ranting about this quite a bit but it was quite unanticipated that skateboarding would get me so hooked. At first I imagined being able to ride the ditch was quite enough, with a nice looking board J. Now I am hooked. And that´s great.

Always had some kind of physical activity that I just had to do, that made me tick. But none of these were enough right now. Might be I needed more of a challenge and skateboard most certainly is challenging.

I have had skateboarding around me for many, many years and well I have been interested. It is fun to be an onlooker but never ever did I think I would want to skate myself.

But it is never too late to learn. Keep your protective gear on and take your time.

My injury was such a foolish mishap. But skateboard is going to hurt. However falling like I did was so unnecessary and silly. Well now I am almost as good as new and it was my first time in ER for any kind of accident since I got a baseball bat on my forehead in kindergarten!

Found a site that turns to people like me. Kind of funny and actually quite good. A little bit of fun to read.



Time to recap my goals and my progress, if any. I set my mind on being able to carve down the ditch. Then there was that injury…a real set back. Haven’t been to the Highvalley skatepark for a while.  Now I have to start halfway in the ditch and I ain’t going up the banks much.  Well I have to go from there again. Not quite like starting all over again but it is a drawback.

The bumps then. All over again, from the beginning. I will wait for a while to go back there. It is not quite as fun as skating a ramp nowadays. Changed priority.

Pumping in a ramp is my primary goal now. Works sometimes, sometimes not.  Got to get your feet in the right position.  Otherwise things can go quite wrong. But it is so cool when it works.  And when I get to the next step it will be to pivot and then I don’t have to do the fakie bit. It is so much harder backwards.

This mini is the hardest, so far.


Indoors and Outdoors

Now I´ve been to the miniramp and in the coldstore. Kind of starting to be able to push and keep rolling for a while. And that is just such a great, fun, cool feeling to finally manage…just like learning to bike 🙂 It suddenly just works. Not for long and not high up i the ramp but it works.
I would like to skate the vert in the bottom and just surf up and round. Seems so cool.
Will be my next goal, to dare skate in the big ramp again.
Yesterday it was completely empty. And I like that.

Not a single person. Empty.