Pushing, pumping and carving

Might be a good description of my goals. Well and manuals, kickturns as well. My goals for the coming year. I wonder if this is within my capabilities. I am stubborn and very strong-minded and to my own amazement I found skating fun and fulfilling in a way I did not imagine I would. So, yes, I will master these basic things!

Ranting about this quite a bit but it was quite unanticipated that skateboarding would get me so hooked. At first I imagined being able to ride the ditch was quite enough, with a nice looking board J. Now I am hooked. And that´s great.

Always had some kind of physical activity that I just had to do, that made me tick. But none of these were enough right now. Might be I needed more of a challenge and skateboard most certainly is challenging.

I have had skateboarding around me for many, many years and well I have been interested. It is fun to be an onlooker but never ever did I think I would want to skate myself.

But it is never too late to learn. Keep your protective gear on and take your time.

My injury was such a foolish mishap. But skateboard is going to hurt. However falling like I did was so unnecessary and silly. Well now I am almost as good as new and it was my first time in ER for any kind of accident since I got a baseball bat on my forehead in kindergarten!

Found a site that turns to people like me. Kind of funny and actually quite good. A little bit of fun to read. http://skateboard.about.com/



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