Early morning, late evening

Early Sunday morning skate. The weather is fine so we are not alone. Try different parts of Highvalley and try to be a bit braver. Not so easy.

I think it is difficult to turn and veer. Got to be better to use the big and stable deck in the ramp and ask for a more easily turned deck for carving.

At 9:30 there were newoldies, with my kind of skills, en masse in the bumps! Turned out they belonged to  some kind of skateboard class. Not my cup of tea but it´s always encouraging to see the likes of me. Skating is catching on among a broader public. Well a little bit at least. I like that. But I prefer to do what I want, how I want on my own. It is the “trial and error, concentration thing” that’s making this fun. I suppose what I need is an activity that’s like a shielding bubble. Skateboard can most certainly be just that!

Evening skate and it´s getting darker day by day. Still warm and lots of people in HV. I got a “new” deck. A popsicle shaped smaller one with a shorter wheel base. A little bit easier and definitely better for kickturns. The other one is for ramp.


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