What a wonderful world


I feel over the moon 🙂 It’s a good thing to have something that makes your day!

Kickturns been so hard to learn. Some kind of mental block. But the…
I got it. I can turn. Not 180° but enough. So now I have to work on getting higher.

This achievement gave me an even better feeling than learning how to pump to get going back and forth. That was a milestone. But without being able to pump up in the half pipe…Then there is nothing to do at all. So that was sort of like being able to ride the lift up when your skiing…a must!

2014-11-25 21.42.04


November concrete

No Friday night skate.
Instead a Saturday morning concrete carving trial.


It’s chilly, grey,  wet and dull. A typical  November morning.
But it’s a good opportunity  to practice some carving.


It’s a thin live between too fast and too slow. I  am definitely going too slowly. Got lot of respect for concrete.  But carving will be fun for sure when I lose some of my fears.

New Line

Been to the Gym. That´s one of the pros of skateboarding. You just have to keep your muscles. There is no shortcut to this apart from exercise. Strong legs is a must. And right now I need some shoulder exercise.

Got a line I practice. A little bit tired of pumping the vert ramp without turning. Jump on in the transition, fakie footplant, backside Burt. Works great most of the times.

Hopefully skate this evening. I need a distraction.

First hurdle

Feel pretty confident to push in most ramps now. That was the first hurdle to get past. Still not very much progress in kickturns. A little bit better maybe. My mentor is giving me other challenges to make the wait for that movement when it, all of a sudden (hopefully), just works. Most of his ideas are OK but not all. Guess I´m not quite as good as I ought to be. Only a little bit too difficult and I fall totally ungracefully… and more often than not on my poor shoulders. That hurts. Got to push oneself exactly to the limit, not more, cause then it hurts.
I now practice backside Burt in the bottom. It works. Hopefully I will get photo-proof any day now.
At home my manuals are getting longer and steadier.
The vertramp is quite crowded with people like me nowadays. In the sense that we are struggling in the bottom not dropping in. Sometimes it is more like a funfair.
If weather permits there be some skating in Highvalley tonight.