Mogul skating in Highvalley

Today summer was back. Even though I was there early it was hot and quite a few skaters.

I spent most of my time skating the bumps in all sorts of ways. It is a cool feeling.

Then “my” waterfall. Getting higher and higher up on the wall and I can make two rounds, sort of.

The ditch but no kickturns. Still limited by my foot.

Still contemplating if a little bit looser trucks would make life easier.




Carve 2

I was lucky this morning. No crowd and the cement was dry. More often then not there is some heavy rainfalls.





I had great fun in the bumps and the little waterfall in one of the bowls. One is supposed to be able to learn how to keep speed even if one can´t drop so this is the place to start.






It is not much of a waterfall so it is not scary. Felt good and soft. Very good for my foot I think. Next step will be trying the steeper waterfall that is supposed to be easy tough it looks, well, too steep. If the weather Gods are nice that might be tomorrow.

Highvalley before lunch

The early bird skating was not possible today. Had been raining so I had to wait till 10ish. Still quite empty for a while. Then HV turns into a playground. Not a bad thing but the bliss of an empty space..

Got a tool of my own 🙂Nyckel

I have been going on about the fact that I think it just might be easier for me if my trucks was a little bit looser. Now my trucks have been adjusted a bit and it is much more fun and a little bit easier to turn and carve. Probably to loose when I skate vert but that´s where my new tool comes in. I am supposed to learn how to adjust my trucks all by myself. Skating vert stability is most important. Do not want the board to wobble whilst trying to push yourself up and fake back. Still no kickturn! I practice and practice but there has to be some kind of mental barrier.

So now I have switched to carving. Today I tried the ditch again. Feels quite good.

My foot is still giving me trouble. Met my nephew(Orthopaedician) and he told me how to get my foot back in shape. He thought maybe my ligaments where broken. Does not sound very uplifting. Seems that is something you just have to live with. I was told it will take a very long time to get my foot into some kind shape and most likely it is just as well to get used to a somewhat less functioning foot.

The good thing though was that there was no reason to stop skating or running just taking it easy and not overdoing it. So I am not too sad.