I am a middleaged non-skater who´s been a hangaround for 25 odd years. When I became a  skater´s wife, rampskating was the thing. Anyone who´s been on the platform of a huge ramp know that it is pretty scary. You have to start playing in the bottom of the ramp and there you will  be for a looong time. Too much work and effort is needed. I did some skating, even learnt how to do a nose wheelie. But it did not work for me and just using skateboard for transport is not particularly fun.

Then came the kids and the skater in the family did some nonskating years. Now he is back but this time surfing in all those concrete skateparks that are built anywhere there is a vacant spot. After coming along and doing what I  like, running that is, I realised that nowadays lots of oldies, men,  take up skateboarding. Not just the ones that once upon the time skated but just about anyone.

Some very nicelooking longboards made me want one. And a just as nicelooking cruiser. With my new cruiser it was, all of a sudden,  much easier and FUN.

Nowadays boys and girls skate but it is still  seen as something for boys in the need of a nonteam sport activity. It is predominantly a male activity. Got to change. Because it is fun,great exercise and can be done by yourself or with friends, outdoors or indoors, anytime you like and if your outdoors it is free. The gear is not that expensive but you need good protection, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and of course a board.


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