Time to recap my goals and my progress, if any. I set my mind on being able to carve down the ditch. Then there was that injury…a real set back. Haven’t been to the Highvalley skatepark for a while.  Now I have to start halfway in the ditch and I ain’t going up the banks much.  Well I have to go from there again. Not quite like starting all over again but it is a drawback.

The bumps then. All over again, from the beginning. I will wait for a while to go back there. It is not quite as fun as skating a ramp nowadays. Changed priority.

Pumping in a ramp is my primary goal now. Works sometimes, sometimes not.  Got to get your feet in the right position.  Otherwise things can go quite wrong. But it is so cool when it works.  And when I get to the next step it will be to pivot and then I don’t have to do the fakie bit. It is so much harder backwards.

This mini is the hardest, so far.



Country cottage mini ramp sesh

What made me mad this time. The ramp, too steep and the flat is too short. And the board was the bad one. Too small and wonky. Had to get it tightened.  Made things a little bit easier.  The ramp is even hard for the skater so no wonder I have a hard time.


Shoes on this time. But it is still bikini weather 🙂