At last I manage to do kickturns! What an achievement. So now I am pretty content for a while. Though it is not far up at all. Got to go further up. Practice, practice, practice…Higher and higher.

But still this is fun and makes it easier to claim a space in the queue to the half pipe.

Nowadays skating as a beginner and being a lady is not that unique. Quite a few. So next summer Highvalley will be ours!



End of carving season

I just got the hang of it. I have lines in two of the bowls. It’s so so fun. And then the chilly autumn weather hit us.


Miss skating in Highvalley.  Now I have to try the vert ramp in the coldstore.  It’s a bit awkward. Long time since
I practiced kickturn after kickturn.
Not as rewarding and satisfying. 
And it seems like the crowd has found skateboarding.
But I have my objective quite clear.



Bert in the vert. An evening of easy tricks and turns.
Alone in the vert and that’s a bit boring nowadays. And it’s exhausting.  No rest in between runs. I’m not strong enough. Leg excercise on a daily basis that’s what I intend to do. Maybe a bike to work period.
The kickturns got better during the one hour session.  But bert is fun. I try higher and higher.  It’s an easy trick and there is no way you can get hurt. Best way to turn!

Long time no see


Been a month since I was at the coldstore last.
A dark and grey November made us all tired and fatigued. The least amount of hours of sunshine ever in November.
And then Christmas came. Lots of food and lazy days.

Very nice vacation …but this first session was tough after doing nothing for such a long time. Definitely need to loose some weight.
Kickturns still worked! Happy about that. I think I did one higher up then ever.


What a wonderful world


I feel over the moon¬†ūüôā It’s a good thing to have something that makes your day!

Kickturns been so hard to learn. Some kind of mental block. But the…
I got it. I can turn. Not 180¬į but enough. So now I have to work on getting higher.

This achievement gave me¬†an even better feeling than learning how to pump to get going back and forth. That was a milestone. But without being able to pump up in the half pipe…Then there is nothing to do at all. So that was sort of like being able to ride the lift up when your skiing…a must!

2014-11-25 21.42.04

First hurdle

Feel pretty confident to push in most ramps now. That was the first hurdle to get past. Still not very much progress in kickturns. A little bit better maybe. My mentor is giving me other challenges to make the wait for that movement when it, all of a sudden (hopefully), just works. Most of his ideas are OK but not all. Guess I¬īm not quite as good as I ought to be. Only a little bit too difficult and I fall totally ungracefully… and more often than not on my poor shoulders. That hurts. Got to push oneself exactly to the limit, not more, cause then it hurts.
I now practice backside Burt in the bottom. It works. Hopefully I will get photo-proof any day now.
At home my manuals are getting longer and steadier.
The vertramp is quite crowded with people like me nowadays. In the sense that we are struggling in the bottom not dropping in. Sometimes it is more like a funfair.
If weather permits there be some skating in Highvalley tonight.

A good workout

Come to a stage where skating is becoming a very good workout.¬† And I don’t have to wait until everyone has left the building. I skate even if there are strangers skating. Well not too many perhaps.¬†So from now on I get an hour of exercise that’s fun!

Since this is a country that’s chilly, rainy and eventually cold eight months a year I do like an indoor workout that’s not monotonous and boring.
I have to go to the gym to rehab my shoulder. A couple of times a week in the gym concentrating on my shoulder.
Skating is my rehabilitation for my body and soul.
Now turning is such a hard thing for me.  But I started to do some kind of easy trick with a name, fakie footplant!
There are other ladies skating, maybe not my age and with better skills. Still mostly a young, male activity.¬† And not all of the old guys are fenominal so I have my place among the gang that can’t drop in the vert. All the others can turn, however.¬† So my goal is very obvious at this point. A must!


My new favorite workout, rehab center the coldstore.

Skate Indoors

Now we have moved indoors for good. At least for this season.
That means the Coldstore. I can ride the  mini ramp quite well  now. Still no kickturn but I am working on that.
But it is even funnier to ride in the vert ramp.  I set up goals every time on how far up I want to reach. Not very high but I can keep it up till I get tired. It is actually  very very hard work. So one gets tired fast.
Everyone  else seems  to have no trouble learning how to turn. For me it is an ordeal. But I am persistent.


It is a huge ramp. Getting past the first joint has taken a while. That joint is about as far up as the second step!


Just started  my carving  career  in one of the  pools  in HV. Slowmotion carving  since  I  know what  can go  wrong when  you  ride  in concrete pool.

Then autumn hit us. Rainy, windy, chili!
So indoor season  starts  again.  Well at least some days  are  just awful.
The outdoor  coldstore mini is OK some days. Weather  is very changeable.
In the  mini, both  inside the coldstore and outside is  now conquered. I can pick upp speed and go as high  up as  I dare.
Now I am on¬† to¬† making¬† kickturns and starting up in the slope, jumping on to the deck. Scary. All this¬† stuff¬† is so basic they don’t even have¬† names :).
Well  exept for kickturn.
I am better at kickturns now since I realised that I was¬† busy looking at the deck and my feet. That’s wrong!
Turn you head in the new direction and voilà suddenly it is much easier.


It is just  like being a child  again! The joy when something works.
I don’t¬† care that¬† much if the coldstore is a bit crowded anymore. Still skate where there is an empty spot.