Summing up the summer


Been a long and fairly hot summer. Most days been perfect for skateboarding. I feel pretty pleased wiyh myself.
I have been skating quite well. Learned new lines.
We have been going to different new skateparks and that has been fun this summer. I dare trying out new spots.
It´s quite an achievement.
Nowadays I do feel that I can say that it is possible to make skateboarding a sport of your choice even at my age. I love it and I do make some progress. At least enough to get exercise from an hour of a fun and challenging activity.
And last but not least you can skate together even if you’re at different skill levels. You do what you can and want and your friends do what they want.
Last session i Highvalley it was me, the skater, my nephew and his little daughter all having fun together. So great! Love it!
What you need as an excercise is something that you do because you can´t be without it, something that makes you tick. For me it used to be running and fitness classes. Not anymore!


the goals for this summer are accomplished


Well it is only the beginning of July and I have already done what I intended to accomplish this summer. So now I can focus on higher speed, trying out carving in other skateparks, kickturns in our countryside mini…




New Line

Been to the Gym. That´s one of the pros of skateboarding. You just have to keep your muscles. There is no shortcut to this apart from exercise. Strong legs is a must. And right now I need some shoulder exercise.

Got a line I practice. A little bit tired of pumping the vert ramp without turning. Jump on in the transition, fakie footplant, backside Burt. Works great most of the times.

Hopefully skate this evening. I need a distraction.

Some kind of anniversary

I think it was just about one year since I started to skate. I mean decided that I intended to learn how to skate, at least to some extent. One year minus some months of break due to the self inflicted injury. That was really hurtful.

There is actually more than one advantage to learning to skate now.  I don’t need to much. Just the very basics and that’s it. And taking up something you used to be good at now, at my age, would be quite disappointing. I guess one would compare oneself with the 20 something oneself. Not the same for sure.

Going back to the workout I used to do 3 times a week but at a lower level, less fun. No something completely new and FUN. Because it is fun even if you just like me take one step forward and another one backwards. Cause you have to keep up every skill you learn. Now I haven’t been to the ditch and bumps enough so I am back to square 1,5.

In my case it might be a little bit due to injury and the fact that my very nice first deck had to go. Haven’t found anyone quite as perfect 😦

Now I have lots of decks. Can´t decide which one´s the right on.

Elections is over and everything is very uncertain right now. What a dumb result. No one won except the xenophobes! New government but no winner. Just losers.  All of us. Even the ones voting for the xenophobes!

New a therapeutic trip to HV. After a jogging tour.

Pushing, pumping and carving

Might be a good description of my goals. Well and manuals, kickturns as well. My goals for the coming year. I wonder if this is within my capabilities. I am stubborn and very strong-minded and to my own amazement I found skating fun and fulfilling in a way I did not imagine I would. So, yes, I will master these basic things!

Ranting about this quite a bit but it was quite unanticipated that skateboarding would get me so hooked. At first I imagined being able to ride the ditch was quite enough, with a nice looking board J. Now I am hooked. And that´s great.

Always had some kind of physical activity that I just had to do, that made me tick. But none of these were enough right now. Might be I needed more of a challenge and skateboard most certainly is challenging.

I have had skateboarding around me for many, many years and well I have been interested. It is fun to be an onlooker but never ever did I think I would want to skate myself.

But it is never too late to learn. Keep your protective gear on and take your time.

My injury was such a foolish mishap. But skateboard is going to hurt. However falling like I did was so unnecessary and silly. Well now I am almost as good as new and it was my first time in ER for any kind of accident since I got a baseball bat on my forehead in kindergarten!

Found a site that turns to people like me. Kind of funny and actually quite good. A little bit of fun to read.


Run, skate, enjoy

Now I am getting better at manuals. I can´t balance for long but it is getting better. This is very good training for your calves and of course for your balance.

Been out running. This autumn we are going to run a half- marathon. So I better get back into shape.

Hopefully I will continue on this post tonight after a session somewhere. Did not happen.