the goals for this summer are accomplished


Well it is only the beginning of July and I have already done what I intended to accomplish this summer. So now I can focus on higher speed, trying out carving in other skateparks, kickturns in our countryside mini…





It’s gonna be a long hot summer From now on

Yesterday´s progress was not quite stable yet. Had to jump off at too high speed. And that hurts. My ankle is not back to normal and the knee is not ready for stomping hard on the concrete. Injuries still making me realize I need to be  extra cautious.

But I got it again and this time I successfully got upp and over the bump….

Two waterfalls and a carve

Bildresultat för two stars and a wishHere we go. I managed to stay in the larger bowl and do a backside carve. Actually after a couple of rounds I could do two backside and one frontside carve 🙂  This was never ever going to happen but it did.

I am over the moon.

I started the morning skate session feeling uninspired, tired and heavy and ended the session feeling great with a smile on my face.


Over the bump and a neat little kickturn.

Very good summer. Sunny every day, almost. So there are lots of time to go to the skatepark.


New gorgeous wheels.  Feels so smooth.

It is much more fun when I have more than one line to practice.

The kickturn after the bump a guess will open up evern more lines. Still not high enough but practice makes perfect.






Easy come easy go

Morning carve and afternoon wooden miniramp. Thought it was time to try drop in. Got a ramp an hour away with lots of different levels and a spine. I just wanted to check this out. Not ready for it.


Well it was depressive expirience. I was not very good at kickturns or anything at all. Completely lost the feeling. Took some time to get started.


I prefer carving.

Tremendous heat and tremendously fun.

Pretty empty as usual on a work day morning.
I could practice rolling in from the upper waterfall. Makes it possible to use the two connected  bowls through the pipe. I can roll down through the first bowl into the pipe and swirl around in the second bowl and then back. So the speed I get from the two waterfalls is still to high for me. I can´t stop and carve in the deep first pool. Thers is no nice curve to easily carve backside and get the carving going. Have to take the round in the other bowl to lower my speed.
Then I got company and had to keep to the one bowl. Back to what I can handle😂.
But now I tried getting up on the bump in the middle and it worked. Now I just have to roll down again and not jump off.
So maybe this summer will prove to be pushing me forward.

This is a very good little film

Watch this film…its sums up the gender aspect of the skateboard culture…that hopefully is changing.

I am myself past the age where this matters so much. But I can still see and feel uncomfortable when I encounter the misogynist attitude that can be found in skate culture. Skateboard decks with naked women, jokes that aren´t that funny, pictures on FB that supposedly should trigger likes…

But there is definitely a change in attitudes…more and more girls and ladies skate!

I like skating because I need something challenging and fun to make me want to do any kind of exercise 🙂

I even admit that I hang around in the flat part of the half pipe when I talk to old friends that belong to my skateboard social circle.






Skate late

Now I’ve  achieved what I intended.  To some extent. It is never to late to skate.  It’s a fun form of excersise.
Unlike running in skating you have to  learn new stuff. It’s not only about getting more fit. One day something, like manage to kickturn, seems totally impossible. Then all of a sudden it works. That’s a superfun feeling.
The last year ladyskating has become quite popular and lots of ladies, mostly in their 20s or 30s, have begun. That’s cool.
I am quite unsociable so I keep out of that stuff. I like the meditative part of skating. It’s stress relieving and an antidepressant.
Now I come to the point where I almost have no trouble admitting what kind of exercise I practice. I am no longer a bystander.