A slight limp

It is March and a sunny day.  Time for the  outdoor miniramp. In the back of my mind, I have the memory of last March. It´s one and one week since my unfortunate crash with concrete. Dislocated and fractured shoulder and months of rest from skating. That made me a coward. Or so I thought. It was fun. I have such I hard time to turn so the mini all by my self but my mentor is great.

We had the cold-store all to ourselves yesterday. Mini, vert and pool. Still very, very little progress. It is easier if your not as cowardly as I am. But then falling hurts so much.

The sun make shadows in the ramp. I can see how stiff and unstable I look 🙂

Well had a good and successful session and was about to go home. Just one bert for a change to all turns and then home. Not good at all. I fell badly. How on earth that is possible when doing a bert. Fell over my foot and sprained my ankle…hopefully only a spraining.Pretty swollen now and my knee is hurting too. So incredibly stupid! Now I have to rest again and what ever advances I have done will be wiped out. I feel very,very sad and miserable. Just as I thought I was about a breakthrough.

Hope I can work. Got to work. No way I can stay at home.



Bert in the vert. An evening of easy tricks and turns.
Alone in the vert and that’s a bit boring nowadays. And it’s exhausting.  No rest in between runs. I’m not strong enough. Leg excercise on a daily basis that’s what I intend to do. Maybe a bike to work period.
The kickturns got better during the one hour session.  But bert is fun. I try higher and higher.  It’s an easy trick and there is no way you can get hurt. Best way to turn!