Happy happy

Progress. I could do two rounds in the pool. Actually three rounds but the third was not starting from up on the flat. So now I can come back up on the flat and turn back and do one more round.


To me this is success.  Always makes you feel better.  Tried the other waterfall but I still don’t have the courage.
We are almost the same gang every day. Not trespassing on each others spot. I like that.
Been skating whet the park is crowded and some guys make you feel uncomfortable.  I sincerely thought that commenting someone else was a no no. But apparently not.  This is a benchmarking sport 🙂 .  Guess the fact that  I am a middle aged female skater lacking in skills is part of it.  It is impossible to skate if you feel awkward. So now I just sit and watch when we are there late evenings. Pity.
Bumps are funny. I try all kinds of ways though the bumps.
Seems I will be able to skate tomorrow too. All of a sudden we have a great summer again.



Mogul skating in Highvalley

Today summer was back. Even though I was there early it was hot and quite a few skaters.

I spent most of my time skating the bumps in all sorts of ways. It is a cool feeling.

Then “my” waterfall. Getting higher and higher up on the wall and I can make two rounds, sort of.

The ditch but no kickturns. Still limited by my foot.

Still contemplating if a little bit looser trucks would make life easier.