Happy happy

Progress. I could do two rounds in the pool. Actually three rounds but the third was not starting from up on the flat. So now I can come back up on the flat and turn back and do one more round.


To me this is success.  Always makes you feel better.  Tried the other waterfall but I still don’t have the courage.
We are almost the same gang every day. Not trespassing on each others spot. I like that.
Been skating whet the park is crowded and some guys make you feel uncomfortable.  I sincerely thought that commenting someone else was a no no. But apparently not.  This is a benchmarking sport 🙂 .  Guess the fact that  I am a middle aged female skater lacking in skills is part of it.  It is impossible to skate if you feel awkward. So now I just sit and watch when we are there late evenings. Pity.
Bumps are funny. I try all kinds of ways though the bumps.
Seems I will be able to skate tomorrow too. All of a sudden we have a great summer again.



Good as new

Well shoulder is almost working as it used to. Just have to get back strength and some more mobility. Hope to skate any day now. Today…sitting in the skatepark sneezing. Spring is terrible some days.


Maybe tomorrow.