Summing up the summer


Been a long and fairly hot summer. Most days been perfect for skateboarding. I feel pretty pleased wiyh myself.
I have been skating quite well. Learned new lines.
We have been going to different new skateparks and that has been fun this summer. I dare trying out new spots.
It´s quite an achievement.
Nowadays I do feel that I can say that it is possible to make skateboarding a sport of your choice even at my age. I love it and I do make some progress. At least enough to get exercise from an hour of a fun and challenging activity.
And last but not least you can skate together even if you’re at different skill levels. You do what you can and want and your friends do what they want.
Last session i Highvalley it was me, the skater, my nephew and his little daughter all having fun together. So great! Love it!
What you need as an excercise is something that you do because you can´t be without it, something that makes you tick. For me it used to be running and fitness classes. Not anymore!


Two waterfalls and a carve

Bildresultat för two stars and a wishHere we go. I managed to stay in the larger bowl and do a backside carve. Actually after a couple of rounds I could do two backside and one frontside carve 🙂  This was never ever going to happen but it did.

I am over the moon.

I started the morning skate session feeling uninspired, tired and heavy and ended the session feeling great with a smile on my face.


Over the bump and a neat little kickturn.

Very good summer. Sunny every day, almost. So there are lots of time to go to the skatepark.


New gorgeous wheels.  Feels so smooth.

It is much more fun when I have more than one line to practice.

The kickturn after the bump a guess will open up evern more lines. Still not high enough but practice makes perfect.






Tremendous heat and tremendously fun.

Pretty empty as usual on a work day morning.
I could practice rolling in from the upper waterfall. Makes it possible to use the two connected  bowls through the pipe. I can roll down through the first bowl into the pipe and swirl around in the second bowl and then back. So the speed I get from the two waterfalls is still to high for me. I can´t stop and carve in the deep first pool. Thers is no nice curve to easily carve backside and get the carving going. Have to take the round in the other bowl to lower my speed.
Then I got company and had to keep to the one bowl. Back to what I can handle😂.
But now I tried getting up on the bump in the middle and it worked. Now I just have to roll down again and not jump off.
So maybe this summer will prove to be pushing me forward.

Inch by inch

Spring and as every other spring as far I am injured. March is not a good month. This year I injured myself whilst gardening.  I twisted my knee. Been 4 weeks now and I still have a limp. It hurts when I walk and I don’t quite confident when I skate.
Still I can’t keep away. Now the outdoor season has begun.
I am trying new lines in the larger bowl in Highvalley.  And I practice going up on the bump inch by inch. It’s a bit scary since I am not sure if I can handle what will happen on the other side :).

Carvers Paradise

Seems I haven’t been updating this for quite some time. I love carving in the HV large bowl. So fun fun fun. Now I have started to carve frontside too.
Today I even skated in the upper bowl rolling in down the waterfall. Almost everyone seems to carve around in that part. So now I have to get going.


I did it

Today I took yet another step forward. Riding in the small waterfall was not as fun as usual. But then I tried my waterfall number two. And I did it. Was nothing really. So I am a yellow-belly.
This was fun. It is much easier to skate with others now that I at least can start from the first part of the waterfall in that pool.
I feel great.

Happy happy

Progress. I could do two rounds in the pool. Actually three rounds but the third was not starting from up on the flat. So now I can come back up on the flat and turn back and do one more round.


To me this is success.  Always makes you feel better.  Tried the other waterfall but I still don’t have the courage.
We are almost the same gang every day. Not trespassing on each others spot. I like that.
Been skating whet the park is crowded and some guys make you feel uncomfortable.  I sincerely thought that commenting someone else was a no no. But apparently not.  This is a benchmarking sport 🙂 .  Guess the fact that  I am a middle aged female skater lacking in skills is part of it.  It is impossible to skate if you feel awkward. So now I just sit and watch when we are there late evenings. Pity.
Bumps are funny. I try all kinds of ways though the bumps.
Seems I will be able to skate tomorrow too. All of a sudden we have a great summer again.