Good Morning

MorgonskateGood Morning!

My morning starts with a cup or two of coffee and then a trip to Highvalley.

Been skating at least once every day since my summer vacation started. It is fun and relaxing. Been jogging too and it actually feels OK.

My foot started to hurt a bit again. Getting a bit swollen too. I not quite sure if it is my jogging or walking way too far in my new sandals. So I have to restrain myself. An injured foot was not what I needed. It takes much longer time to heal and in the worst case it might be an everlasting problem. The shoulder is no problem anymore.

Tried my cruiser in the ditch. It was a long time ago last time. Awkward. No kick and no grip. It is good looking and good for cruising the street I suppose.

But my long awaited Dogtown is great. I like it.

I managed to go down the waterfall where fell. It is NOT a steep. So now I can carve a little starting in the smallest waterfall i HV.


At last…summer

Been a terrible, cold, windy spring. But at last the outdoor season has come!

I have been skating a little bit in the outdoor mini outside Frysen. Now Highvalley.

A hot Friday morning, my second day of summer vacation. It has been a couple of intense weeks but now we have said goodbye to the students for this year.

Yesterday morning I went for a jog, today a short run in Highvalley.

It was almost empty, very hot and sunny.

I have new wheels and looser trucks. Trying if this will make it easier. And it was easier to carve. But the wheels are faster so I had to be careful. I do know what can happen when things get out of hand!

Bumps…after a while it felt OK and fun again. Much easier this way.

I am waiting for a new deck. Ordered one very nice looking Dogtown deck. It is stuck in some kind of limbo between Luxembourg and Sweden. Been so for a couple of weeks! Left Luxembourg but has not arrived here. Customs hopefully.



Some kind of anniversary

I think it was just about one year since I started to skate. I mean decided that I intended to learn how to skate, at least to some extent. One year minus some months of break due to the self inflicted injury. That was really hurtful.

There is actually more than one advantage to learning to skate now.  I don’t need to much. Just the very basics and that’s it. And taking up something you used to be good at now, at my age, would be quite disappointing. I guess one would compare oneself with the 20 something oneself. Not the same for sure.

Going back to the workout I used to do 3 times a week but at a lower level, less fun. No something completely new and FUN. Because it is fun even if you just like me take one step forward and another one backwards. Cause you have to keep up every skill you learn. Now I haven’t been to the ditch and bumps enough so I am back to square 1,5.

In my case it might be a little bit due to injury and the fact that my very nice first deck had to go. Haven’t found anyone quite as perfect 😦

Now I have lots of decks. Can´t decide which one´s the right on.

Elections is over and everything is very uncertain right now. What a dumb result. No one won except the xenophobes! New government but no winner. Just losers.  All of us. Even the ones voting for the xenophobes!

New a therapeutic trip to HV. After a jogging tour.

Early morning, late evening

Early Sunday morning skate. The weather is fine so we are not alone. Try different parts of Highvalley and try to be a bit braver. Not so easy.

I think it is difficult to turn and veer. Got to be better to use the big and stable deck in the ramp and ask for a more easily turned deck for carving.

At 9:30 there were newoldies, with my kind of skills, en masse in the bumps! Turned out they belonged to  some kind of skateboard class. Not my cup of tea but it´s always encouraging to see the likes of me. Skating is catching on among a broader public. Well a little bit at least. I like that. But I prefer to do what I want, how I want on my own. It is the “trial and error, concentration thing” that’s making this fun. I suppose what I need is an activity that’s like a shielding bubble. Skateboard can most certainly be just that!

Evening skate and it´s getting darker day by day. Still warm and lots of people in HV. I got a “new” deck. A popsicle shaped smaller one with a shorter wheel base. A little bit easier and definitely better for kickturns. The other one is for ramp.