Long time no see


Been a month since I was at the coldstore last.
A dark and grey November made us all tired and fatigued. The least amount of hours of sunshine ever in November.
And then Christmas came. Lots of food and lazy days.

Very nice vacation …but this first session was tough after doing nothing for such a long time. Definitely need to loose some weight.
Kickturns still worked! Happy about that. I think I did one higher up then ever.




Just started  my carving  career  in one of the  pools  in HV. Slowmotion carving  since  I  know what  can go  wrong when  you  ride  in concrete pool.

Then autumn hit us. Rainy, windy, chili!
So indoor season  starts  again.  Well at least some days  are  just awful.
The outdoor  coldstore mini is OK some days. Weather  is very changeable.
In the  mini, both  inside the coldstore and outside is  now conquered. I can pick upp speed and go as high  up as  I dare.
Now I am on  to  making  kickturns and starting up in the slope, jumping on to the deck. Scary. All this  stuff  is so basic they don’t even have  names :).
Well  exept for kickturn.
I am better at kickturns now since I realised that I was  busy looking at the deck and my feet. That’s wrong!
Turn you head in the new direction and voilà suddenly it is much easier.


It is just  like being a child  again! The joy when something works.
I don’t  care that  much if the coldstore is a bit crowded anymore. Still skate where there is an empty spot.