At last I manage to do kickturns! What an achievement. So now I am pretty content for a while. Though it is not far up at all. Got to go further up. Practice, practice, practice…Higher and higher.

But still this is fun and makes it easier to claim a space in the queue to the half pipe.

Nowadays skating as a beginner and being a lady is not that unique. Quite a few. So next summer Highvalley will be ours!



Long time no see


Been a month since I was at the coldstore last.
A dark and grey November made us all tired and fatigued. The least amount of hours of sunshine ever in November.
And then Christmas came. Lots of food and lazy days.

Very nice vacation …but this first session was tough after doing nothing for such a long time. Definitely need to loose some weight.
Kickturns still worked! Happy about that. I think I did one higher up then ever.


What a wonderful world


I feel over the moon 🙂 It’s a good thing to have something that makes your day!

Kickturns been so hard to learn. Some kind of mental block. But the…
I got it. I can turn. Not 180° but enough. So now I have to work on getting higher.

This achievement gave me an even better feeling than learning how to pump to get going back and forth. That was a milestone. But without being able to pump up in the half pipe…Then there is nothing to do at all. So that was sort of like being able to ride the lift up when your skiing…a must!

2014-11-25 21.42.04

Indoors and Outdoors

Now I´ve been to the miniramp and in the coldstore. Kind of starting to be able to push and keep rolling for a while. And that is just such a great, fun, cool feeling to finally manage…just like learning to bike 🙂 It suddenly just works. Not for long and not high up i the ramp but it works.
I would like to skate the vert in the bottom and just surf up and round. Seems so cool.
Will be my next goal, to dare skate in the big ramp again.
Yesterday it was completely empty. And I like that.

Not a single person. Empty.

Stuck in the bottom

This weekend the skatepark was too crowded again. I found myself feeling a little bit uneasy and uncomfortable. They ought to give us “skaters” that can´t drop an hour of our own. There is that part of skateboarding that feels like some kind of benchmarking. And it is not at all that easy to just play around in the bottom. Better when the park is empty. So no miniramp! Just kicking in the bottom of the vert.
The winter has taken a break so I have to start running again. And maybe go to gym.
No photo today. Cause I am disappointed somehow.

Still happy

Well, still happy…Haven´t been to the coldstore since last Saturday. Just practicing manuals in the hallway! Now, it will be interesting to see if I really got it a little last time. Got to have the miniramp to myself.
Skateboard has that extra part of suddenly mastering something “impossible”. Quite nice actually.
The flapping arms! Looking weird and unrelaxed. Not so cool maybe but I will work on the style too 😀


Well at last some progress! The coldstore was for once almost empty. I started the evening taking photos and did not intend to skate. But with an empty hall I had to get my gear and have a go. I was lured into the miniramp and it felt very awkward…to steep at once. Scary. Had the vertramp to myself for a while and that made me braver. So back to the mini and wow, all of a sudden I could do it. Push up some speed. Kind of funny that my arms just had to flap! I have seen that many a time while watching others that aren’t that relaxed and confident. But that seems to be totally involuntarily…frysen.
Well this is really what makes this a perfect way to rehab yourself after a serious illness or whatever dull thing you have been through. It gives you this ridiculously satisfying feeling of getting better and acheiving your goal! But it also gives you that cool feeling when something suddenly snaps into place. You can´t say what it was you actually did, that was different, but somehow it worked.
Yupp, I like it and it gives me the feeling of getting back into business again. Took me some time to realise that I needed som kind of physical ( well that I realised) and mental rehab.
Well this reminds me most of my 6 o´clock Friday evenings at Gympalatset, a real workout session. Can´t do that nowadays!
Finally it is just a cool thing to do for whatever reason and at whatever age and regardless of gender!