Ice, ice, indoors

Last try in the ditch and it was too slippery. But in one of the pools it was possible to skate a bit. Have to learn how to turn by standing on the kick. Managed to do that quite well actually. Not in one turn but more like bit by bit.
Then I realised that this is not only about technique!!! It is definitely about what gear you have. I was indoors this weekend and then I was allowed to skate on the skater´s own big board with nice wheels!!! And what a difference…Tried the wooden pool and now I want a new skateboard. My cruiser is GOOD but the other one I have been skating on, not so good.


Lonely hearts club band…

Back today. Wet, grey and totally empty park. Just me, my two skateboards and a lots of determination. I can do whatever I want so I try the bumps, the pool and of course carving down the ditch in slow motion.november1
Does not matter if the concrete is so moist since I am VERY cautious.
I am lucky today. I slided down the ditch and managed to curve all the way up to the concrete joint with my upper wheels! What a feeling 🙂 And I pushed four times back and forth in the pool! And I find that especially hard. You have to be give yourself higher speed then I dare. Might take some time to conquer that. But overall success for me. It is fun and rewarding.

My cruiser

Well after my slam I got a bit set back. But I’m not one to give up. And since it was the kick that was to long or something, maybe there’s some other kind of skateboard that’s better built! On a webstore I saw this goodlooking, cool cruiser from Globe Skateboards. A complete cruiser with nice wheels and everything. This ones going to be much easier to skate!IMG_20130613_205527

And it actually is not only looking good it feels good to skate!