Triumph and disaster

Now I carve round and round. So fun but exhausting. Especially the legs get more than they can handle.

It is much better to stop in time. I was not that wise ūüėí.



It’s gonna be a long hot summer From now on

Yesterday¬īs progress was not quite stable yet. Had to jump off at too high speed. And that hurts. My ankle is not back to normal and the knee is not ready for stomping hard on the concrete. Injuries still making me realize I need to be¬†¬†extra¬†cautious.

But I got it again and this time I successfully got upp and over the bump….

Inch by inch

Spring and as every other spring as far I am injured. March is not a good month. This year I injured myself whilst gardening.¬† I twisted my knee. Been 4 weeks now and I still have a limp. It hurts when I walk and I don’t quite confident when I skate.
Still I can’t keep away. Now the outdoor season has begun.
I am trying new lines in the larger bowl in Highvalley.¬† And I practice going up on the bump inch by inch. It’s a bit scary since I am not sure if I can handle what will happen on the other side :).

Good Morning

MorgonskateGood Morning!

My morning starts with a cup or two of coffee and then a trip to Highvalley.

Been skating at least once every day since my summer vacation started. It is fun and relaxing. Been jogging too and it actually feels OK.

My foot started to hurt a bit again. Getting a bit swollen too. I not quite sure if it is my jogging or walking way too far in my new sandals. So I have to restrain myself. An injured foot was not what I needed. It takes much longer time to heal and in the worst case it might be an everlasting problem. The shoulder is no problem anymore.

Tried my cruiser in the ditch. It was a long time ago last time. Awkward. No kick and no grip. It is good looking and good for cruising the street I suppose.

But my long awaited Dogtown is great. I like it.

I managed to go down the waterfall where fell. It is NOT a steep. So now I can carve a little starting in the smallest waterfall i HV.

No more limp

My foot is almost recovered. I can make manuals at home. Still feeling some pain but might mostly be part of the lack of mobility. Haven¬īt been doing enough rehab exercises.

It does not feel as bad as I feared to skate again. Trying the mini ramp. I think I will wait a bit until I get back to skating in Highvalley.
Two months without skating is actually quite sad. I have been missing it.



A slight limp

It is March and a sunny day.¬†¬†Time for the ¬†outdoor miniramp. In the back of my mind,¬†I have the memory of last March. It¬īs one and one week since my unfortunate crash with concrete. Dislocated and fractured shoulder and months of rest from skating. That made me a coward. Or so I thought.¬†It was fun. I have such I hard time to turn so the mini all by my self but my mentor is great.

We had the cold-store all to ourselves yesterday. Mini, vert and pool. Still very, very little progress. It is easier if your not as cowardly as I am. But then falling hurts so much.

The sun make shadows in the ramp. I can see how stiff and unstable I look ūüôā

Well had a good and successful session and was about to go home. Just one bert for a change to all turns and then home. Not good at all. I fell badly. How on earth that is possible when doing a bert. Fell over my foot and sprained my ankle…hopefully only a spraining.Pretty swollen now and my knee is hurting too. So incredibly stupid! Now I have to rest again and what ever advances I have done will be wiped out. I feel very,very sad and miserable. Just as I thought I was about a breakthrough.

Hope I can work. Got to work. No way I can stay at home.

Getting better

Been to the Orthopedist yesterday. No worry. It’s getting better. Now I have to start exercising my mobility and muscles! I am seriously getting bored and restless. Can’t wait to start running and well skating. There is no reason why I shouldn’t, doctor says!

All that pain

Got to keep still for some more time. Sunny outside and I would very much be out trying to roll a bit. But I take walks and practice some¬†exercises that the physiotherapist showed me. Well I will be back. Pity¬†nevertheless…

Maybe I will start allover with my very best cruiser. I like that board the most.

X Ray showed some  fractures on the shoulders. Shoulder pads might be a good idea.

Why I don¬īt give up? ¬†Like the challenge and it¬†is some kind of mental diversion…