Over the bump and a neat little kickturn.

Very good summer. Sunny every day, almost. So there are lots of time to go to the skatepark.


New gorgeous wheels.  Feels so smooth.

It is much more fun when I have more than one line to practice.

The kickturn after the bump a guess will open up evern more lines. Still not high enough but practice makes perfect.









At last I manage to do kickturns! What an achievement. So now I am pretty content for a while. Though it is not far up at all. Got to go further up. Practice, practice, practice…Higher and higher.

But still this is fun and makes it easier to claim a space in the queue to the half pipe.

Nowadays skating as a beginner and being a lady is not that unique. Quite a few. So next summer Highvalley will be ours!


Long time no see


Been a month since I was at the coldstore last.
A dark and grey November made us all tired and fatigued. The least amount of hours of sunshine ever in November.
And then Christmas came. Lots of food and lazy days.

Very nice vacation …but this first session was tough after doing nothing for such a long time. Definitely need to loose some weight.
Kickturns still worked! Happy about that. I think I did one higher up then ever.


Over and over and over again

Got to pat myself on the back today. I went to HV and practiced kickturns in the ditch. Over and over again.  Slight slope and a turn. Well, I needed two turns.
No 180s yet, but I am getting better.
Sunny weekdays before lunch is quite good in HV. Not so crowded and usually the ditch is empty.



They have put upp a fence on the fullpipe or whatever it’s called. That was smart since kids were climbing up on the top. A 4 meter fall!
I gave myself a treat…a trip to IKEA!
Life is a bit short of joys 🙂