Some kind of anniversary

I think it was just about one year since I started to skate. I mean decided that I intended to learn how to skate, at least to some extent. One year minus some months of break due to the self inflicted injury. That was really hurtful.

There is actually more than one advantage to learning to skate now.  I don’t need to much. Just the very basics and that’s it. And taking up something you used to be good at now, at my age, would be quite disappointing. I guess one would compare oneself with the 20 something oneself. Not the same for sure.

Going back to the workout I used to do 3 times a week but at a lower level, less fun. No something completely new and FUN. Because it is fun even if you just like me take one step forward and another one backwards. Cause you have to keep up every skill you learn. Now I haven’t been to the ditch and bumps enough so I am back to square 1,5.

In my case it might be a little bit due to injury and the fact that my very nice first deck had to go. Haven’t found anyone quite as perfect 😦

Now I have lots of decks. Can´t decide which one´s the right on.

Elections is over and everything is very uncertain right now. What a dumb result. No one won except the xenophobes! New government but no winner. Just losers.  All of us. Even the ones voting for the xenophobes!

New a therapeutic trip to HV. After a jogging tour.


Waiting for the ramp

Today the mini is crowded! What a disappointing evening. Bit rainy, cold, crowded…Waiting, sitting, watching.

My turn maybe soon. Or not.


I like to concentrate and focus. That is much needed when you try to get speed in the bottom of the mini. It is almost like some kind of meditation.

We are going to build a mini of our own tough it seems like our mini will be much steeper. Hm will be even harder then I suppose 😦

All that pain

Got to keep still for some more time. Sunny outside and I would very much be out trying to roll a bit. But I take walks and practice some exercises that the physiotherapist showed me. Well I will be back. Pity nevertheless…

Maybe I will start allover with my very best cruiser. I like that board the most.

X Ray showed some  fractures on the shoulders. Shoulder pads might be a good idea.

Why I don´t give up?  Like the challenge and it is some kind of mental diversion…