What a difference a wheel makes

Got new wheels and bearings. Wow what a difference a what a feeling.


Just amazing and the sound!
Well this made it possible to get up on the bump and all of a sudden I am over. Lots of new lines open up.


Early morning, late evening

Early Sunday morning skate. The weather is fine so we are not alone. Try different parts of Highvalley and try to be a bit braver. Not so easy.

I think it is difficult to turn and veer. Got to be better to use the big and stable deck in the ramp and ask for a more easily turned deck for carving.

At 9:30 there were newoldies, with my kind of skills, en masse in the bumps! Turned out they belonged to  some kind of skateboard class. Not my cup of tea but it´s always encouraging to see the likes of me. Skating is catching on among a broader public. Well a little bit at least. I like that. But I prefer to do what I want, how I want on my own. It is the “trial and error, concentration thing” that’s making this fun. I suppose what I need is an activity that’s like a shielding bubble. Skateboard can most certainly be just that!

Evening skate and it´s getting darker day by day. Still warm and lots of people in HV. I got a “new” deck. A popsicle shaped smaller one with a shorter wheel base. A little bit easier and definitely better for kickturns. The other one is for ramp.


I am kind of pleased with myself. I have that feeling of flow in the mini! Really great feeling. Get tired very fast. This is good training for your legs and feet! The balancing is hard training for the small muscles in the feet. And for heart and lungs. Doesn’t take long before I have to rest. Maybe it is  partly due to the long awaited summerheat. Short sessions as often as possible.